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Roshana Nofret is a distinguished interpretive artist celebrated worldwide as a performer, instructor, and choreographer of Middle Eastern and Central Asian dances. Born and raised in Miami, Florida, to Cuban parents with Spanish, Sephardic, and Lebanese heritage, Roshana has immersed herself in this art form for over two decades.

Known for seamlessly blending traditional and contemporary dance elements while preserving the essence of each style, Roshana's performances captivate audiences with their elegance, fluidity, and profound musicality. Her deep connection to music enriches her expressive and charismatic dance style, creating a culturally enriching experience both on stage and in her classes and workshops.

Roshana has trained under renowned Master Instructors globally, including icons like Tamalyn Dallal and Bozenka, who have deeply influenced her artistic journey. She has showcased her talent at prestigious dance productions, large-scale festivals, and cultural celebrations across North America, Asia, and Egypt. Notably, she achieved First Place in the Professional Raks Sharqi Competition at the 2008 Miami Bellydance Convention.

As an ambassador of Middle Eastern dance, Roshana endeavors to inspire and educate audiences, fostering appreciation and understanding of its cultural roots. She continuously evolves her artistry, pushing boundaries to achieve deeper levels of expression and cultural significance.

Beyond her solo career, Roshana is the Founder, Director & Choreographer of M.E.C.A. Dance Ensemble, a leading South Florida company specializing in Persian/Iranian and fusion dances. She has also been honored as a guest dancer with Ballet Afsaneh, a prestigious Central Asian dance company in the United States.

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